Who is Dr Wheatgrass?

“Dr Wheatgrass” doesn’t actually exist as a person. It is our trademarked brand. However, to all of us at Wheatgrass Pty. Ltd., Dr Wheatgrass is Dr. Chris Reynolds, a general practitioner and the founder of our Company.

Dr. Chris developed the wheatgrass extract that forms the main ingredient of our products. He has used the extract successfully in clinical trials and in thousands of patients since 1995. He has re-discovered the therapeutic power of wheatgrass that first came to light in modern times in the 1930’s. Leading the resurgence of wheatgrass healing around the world, his life’s mission is to make his wheatgrass extract available and affordable worldwide.

Please give me a brief history of wheatgrass healing.

The history of wheatgrass healing goes back thousands of years. More recently, in the 1930’s in the United States there was substantial scientific research into the ‘Grass Juice Factor’ and other therapeutic and nutritional properties of cereal grasses. Because of its apparent ability to stimulate production of human growth factors, this discovery could revolutionise many aspects of medical treatment and enhance our understanding of the body’s immune system and natural healing processes.

In the 1970’s, Ann Wigmore started the wheatgrass juicing craze in the United States which ultimately led to a huge, nutrition-based industry which continues to grow worldwide.

I have an allergy to wheat, is wheatgrass safe for me to use?

In most cases, yes.

Wheat allergies are usually due to gluten which comes from the actual wheat seed. Our wheatgrass extract is produced from young, vital wheatgrass sprouts before the new wheat seed is formed. Therefore, Dr Wheatgrass Supershots contain no gluten.

What research is available on the therapeutic effects of wheatgrass?

A large body of medical and scientific research regarding the therapeutic benefits of wheatgrass and other cereal grasses has accumulated since the early 1930’s. (View journal abstracts)

If you search under “Chlorophyll” and “Chlorophyllin” you will find numerous studies and reports. However, as Dr. Chris says, “Chlorophyll is highly unlikely to have any biological activity in humans. It’s more likely the Grass Juice Factor that does the work.”

Science doesn’t seem to have registered that fact and continues researching chlorophyll to see what makes it tick. According to Dr. Chris, it doesn’t!

Please note: If you are concerned about wheat allergies, we recommend you consult your doctor/allergist or nutritional consultant before adding anything new to your diet, including Dr Wheatgrass Supershots.

What is in Dr Wheatgrass Supershots?

Dr Wheatgrass Supershots contain a natural, specially formulated antioxidant-rich extract derived from fresh, young, vital wheatgrass sprouts. Supershots contain only natural ingredients and no artificial flavouring.

How do Dr Wheatgrass Supershots differ from fresh wheatgrass juice?

There are two main differences.

First, the wheatgrass sprout extract we use contains much higher levels of antioxidants compared with freshly juiced wheatgrass.

Secondly, juicing does not extract all bioactive material from the wheatgrass leaves. A significant amount remains in the fibre which does not get absorbed into the body. By comparison, our extraction process, which takes several months, yields almost 100% return of bioactives.

There are other differences. For example, the stability of Supershots compared with fresh juice enables you to take your daily wheatgrass “shot” any time and any place. It is ideal for the traveller or shift-worker and many others who do not have access to a juice bar or are unable to cultivate their own grass.

Supershots are shelf-stable for at least two years at room temperature. Fresh wheatgrass juice only lasts a few days if refrigerated.

Note: For maximum benefit, it is important to take wheatgrass properly.

Does Dr Wheatgrass Supershots deliver the same health benefits as fresh wheatgrass juice?

Yes, but for different reasons (as above). The most important component in wheatgrass is most likely the ‘Grass Juice Factor’. This factor is probably composed of many different molecules that can significantly boost the body’s immune system. It also appears to stimulate the production of growth factors essential for healing and good health.

We also know that our extract contains around 25% more antioxidants than an equivalent amount of freshly juiced wheatgrass.

How much of the Supershots should I take each day?

5 mls (one teaspoonful) of Supershots a day for an adult, half that amount for young children and two or three drops daily for infants. In the elderly, because of the energy boost that wheatgrass can deliver, it is best to give half the standard dose.

How is wheatgrass extract made?

Our extract is derived from freshly cut, young, vital wheatgrass sprouts. We then use a secret process that enables almost 100% retention of bioactives resulting in a stable extract that lasts for many years. The process takes about three months to complete under strictly controlled conditions.

Human Genome Project associated technology has been used to guarantee efficacy and stability.

Doesn’t wheatgrass have to be consumed fresh in order to maximise its nutritional benefits?

No, not at all.

Much of wheatgrass marketing attributes the health-giving properties of wheatgrass juice to its nutritional content and chlorophyll. However, without understating the nutritional benefits, my view differs considerably.

Some years ago, I discovered that chlorophyll most likely has little or no biological activity in humans. Most likely the ‘Grass Juice Factor’ in wheatgrass, which is known to be a potent growth and fertility factor, activates growth factors that result in stronger immunity and rapid healing rates. This Factor, unlike chlorophyll, is vital and durable which is why Dr Wheatgrass Supershots can remain biologically effective for two years and longer – without chlorophyll.

Who can benefit from consuming Dr Wheatgrass Supershots?

In a word, everyone – and animals too.

Wheatgrass is a potent immunostimulant. Having a strong immune system helps ward off illness and disease. Many people who have taken wheatgrass in one form or another regularly report increased energy and stamina, clearer mental focus, fewer colds and better weight control.

How to take wheatgrass for best results

There is no doubt that wheatgrass contains numerous important health-giving bioactives. Clinical observation shows how rapidly many of them are absorbed through the skin and the mucous membrane covering the oral cavity.

One example of the latter is the “rush” many people experience only a few seconds after swallowing fresh wheatgrass juice or the Supershots. This suggests instantaneous absorption directly from the mouth to the brain via the blood circulation i.e. the sublingual route.

Herein lies the secret of taking wheatgrass in any form – tablets or powder mixed with water, fresh juice or Supershots. That is, hold the liquid in your mouth for two or three minutes if possible before swallowing. This will enable much greater absorption of the bioactives compared with simply tossing it down your throat. If you do that, much of the goodness will be destroyed by stomach acid.

For many, including myself, the taste and smell of fresh wheatgrass juice is sufficient as a deterrent to continue taking it. Also, the antioxidant concentration in fresh juice is about 25% lower than in the extract we use to make our Supershots, which are also very easy on the palate. Wheatgrass powder and tablets contain even lower amounts.

Whatever form of wheatgrass you take, it will almost certainly help your general health and wellbeing in time.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

Watch Dr. Chris talk about this topic here.